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Media : Photos from customers, machined threads in GibbsCAM with ThreadTracer.

Large Rope Drum with mirrored righthand and lefthand threads.

12" 2-TPI Standard Acme thread. Threaded with Sandvik Coromant Capto boring bar with a 3mm grooving insert.

Modified square thread with 90° main profile and a 60° root detail.
32" diameter and 2" pitch and almost 1" thread height. Machined with an off-the-shelf 5mm grooving tool.


9.415" 2TPI Internal Stub Acme thread. Machined with a boring bar with 3mm grooving insert from Sandvik Coromant.

20" 3TPI Custom 30°/60° Buttress thread in 4145. Machined with a plain SECO TP1501 DNMG insert.


threadtracer_trapezoidal thread

Prototype part for well completion equipment in the Oil and Gas industry.
With a large custom buttress thread and with design iterations from the customer, a quick redo and the thread profile is updated.
threadtracer_well completion equipment

Blunt Start / Quickstart threads on an Acme thread.


Importing 3D tool assemblies when doing custom threads lets you spot those close and weird angles, before sending the program for machining.

threadtracer_Importing 3D tool assemblies

Norwegian company Devico has more than 30 year experience with directional core drilling (DCD) and borehole surveying.
Their complex range of products features custom threads designed for strength combined with very low profile and uses GibbsCAM and ThreadTracer for programming their advanced products. They also make heavy use of the built-in Blunt Start feature in ThreadTracer and apply Higbee threads on most of their products for easy assembly.

threadtracer_directional core drilling

Most common thread specs are built into the plugin, and calculates all thread diameters automatically.


Automatically apply Blunt Start Threads


ThreadTracer have built-in ANSI support for : Acme - Stub Acme - Buttress - Trapezoidal - Knuckle/Rope threads


Large cable drums are programmed with ease in GibbsCAM.
This large cable drum in stainless 316 needed a specific thread exit, and used the 'Full Profile Exit' feature in ThreadTracer.


Satisfied customers are enjoying the ease of programming custom threads in GibbsCAM and ThreadTracer. This custom buttress thread took minutes to program and machined with a plain 5mm grooving tool.


Lower the risk of introducing chatter by using a smaller tool insert when threading larger threads


Videos from ThreadTracer on Youtube.

These are high definition videos showcasing ease of use and machining with custom threads with GibbsCAM. Recommended to view in fullscreen for all details.

Visit ThreadTracer on Youtube more for videos of using the plugin in GibbsCAM.