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Purchase a license and get the complete version of ThreadTracer.

Check first with your local GibbsCAM distributor and purchase ThreadTracer directly from them, you can check if your distributor offers ThreadTracer in the list of Resellers.

The full licensed version unlocks the additional several variants of Buttress - Trapezoidal - Knuckle/Rope threads and full flexibility for Freeform custom threads.

Single ThreadTracer license purchased online below through PayPal : 8200,- NOK (Norwegian Krone) - Equivalent to around 760 USD (September 2022 exchange rate)

Single ThreadTracer license purchased through any GibbsCAM reseller : 750 USD

An additional optional annual maintenance includes access to all future updates. Price per year for maintenance : 1000 NOK or 100 USD through GibbsCAM reseller.

A ThreadTracer license is a one time purchase. Choose license with or without maintenance below.

A purchased license keyfile will work on all current and future versions of GibbsCAM and will never expire.

One purchased license keyfile is for one GibbsCAM seat, for running ThreadTracer on multiple GibbsCAM seats, a seperate license keyfile for each seat is required.

If you installed the free ThreadTracerLITE version, your GibbsCAM seat license number is found in the settings tab :

In order to enable the ThreadTracer license key to your GibbsCAM seat, you need to supply the License ID number shown in the Settings tab in ThreadTracer.

First download ThreadTracerLITE, and install the plugin onto the GibbsCAM seat that will use the licensed ThreadTracer.

The link to download the free ThreadTracerLITE is located in the menu on the left ( Download )

Use your mouse and highlight the whole number and copy it, then paste it in a seperate email along with your Company info and send it to :

Thank you for your interest in ThreadTracer for GibbsCAM.

You'll recive a link to the ThreadTracer installer and keyfile thats works with your GibbsCAM seat after purchase.
Please allow upto 12 hours for delivery, as this is not an automated process.

Your purchase is for downloadable software with a custom license file. All orders are final. There are no returns once payment is made.

For Norwegian customers who wish to purchase by invoice, the invoice will be sent by email.
Please inform where you want the invoice sent in the same email as you send the license number.
The invoice will be issued in NOK and sent from :
Gullbekkvegen 2
4120 TAU
ORG NO: 923 815 589