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MillBlunt - Machine Bluntstart and Quickstart threads with live tooling in GibbsCAM.

MillBlunt are a stand-alone plugin and allows you to very quickly generate geometry for milling away any incomplete threads after threading.

This is accomplished using live tooling on a lathe.

MillBlunt generates helixes in all the main coordinate systems on a lathe with live tooling. Tested and used in-house for over 3 years, method is applied to hundreds of threads.
Its basicly a fast and easy helix geometry generator. It also offers as an alternative to the built in Helix Builder in GibbsCAM.

  • Autodetects GibbsCAM environment (Inch/Metric)
  • Geometry can be segmented to force post-processor to output G1 moves, which can be advantageous on older machine controllers.
  • Two shapes for how to mill the blunt start, out in a sloped line or with an arc ( in YZ plane with Polar & Cylindrical Milling )
  • Supports geometry for righthand / lefthand and both ends of an external and internal threads in YZ Plane and XY Plane.
  • Keeps all geometry in a seperate WG with description, any change with a redo in plugin will update the WG description.
  • Active logging, last values used are saved and loaded back the next time its started.
  • Option to store all data inside the GibbsCAM file, for loading back and edit/redo.
  • Online documentation accessible directly from the plugin.
  • A great free tool to have in your arsenal.

  • millblunt_illustration

    30.06.2020 - v1.21 - Adjusted calculation of helix length.

    01.07.2020 - v1.22 - Fixed typo in a variable name.

    Download MillBlunt v1.22 (macro plugin) - Click here -> ThreadTracer MillBlunt v1.22 [ZIP]

    MillBlunt installs as a normal macro plugin in GibbsCAM.

    Read the MillBlunt Documentation - Click here -> ThreadTracer MillBlunt Guide [PDF]

    MillBlunt can also generate all kinds of parametric helix geometry to be machined with live tooling, see the PDF documentation for more examples.

    millblunt_illustration millblunt_illustration

    Videos contains machining noises, lower the audio before playback.