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Machining Bluntstart and Quickstart threads with live tooling in GibbsCAM.

MillBlunt are a free stand-alone plugin and allows you to very quickly generate 3D geometry for milling away any incomplete threads after threading.

MillBlunt generates helixes in all the main coordinate systems on a millturn or a lathe with live tooling. Tested in-house during development for over 4 years, method is applied to hundreds of threads.
Its basically a very fast and easy to use parametric helix geometry generator, tailored specifically for threads.
A great tool to have in your arsenal. It also offers as an quick alternative to the built in Helix Builder in GibbsCAM.

With its very quick setup time, MillBlunt in GibbsCAM will make all your threads look like a thread gage.

24.03.2022 - MillBlunt v2.0 - Rework of the entire plugin. Tabbed interface and lots of improvements and a few new features to improve workflow.

23.03.2023 - MillBlunt v2.2 - Added support for multispindle. Select to create geometry in the main spindle or sub spindle from the interface.

MillBlunt V2+ requires minimum GibbsCAM 12.0.45 but works best on GibbsCAM v14 and up.

Blunt start thread Per ASME B1.7-2006 Definitions :

Blunt start thread: a thread with removal of the incomplete thread at the starting end.
This is a feature of the threaded parts that are repeatedly assembled by hand, such as hose couplings and thread gages, to prevent cutting of hands and crossing of threads.
Also known as Higbee cut or a convoluted thread.


MillBlunt can also generate all kinds of parametric helix geometry in multiple coordinate systems to be machined with live tooling.