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WaveThread - An automated wave generator for thread operations in GibbsCAM.

For high volume, lights-out production this threading procedure can eliminate problems with long chips, chip build-up and jamming during unattended machining.

WaveThread works on any selected thread operation, and uses data from selected operation to create new operations with a wave pattern.

This plugin was inspired from Sandvik Coromant’s OptiThreading™, a new software module in CoroPlus Tool Path. Read about OptiThreading™ here.

The purpose of WaveThread is primarily to break the chips during machining and prevent long chips to coil around robots, chucks, tools and components.

WaveThread will generate operations for oscillating movements for interrupted cuts that go in and out of the cut on all passes, and run these operations before the normal thread operation.

Every created wave operation is identical to the selected thread operation, but with multiple wave patterns instead of a straight cut in order to break the chips.
When the normal thread operation is run after the wave operations, the repeated interrupted cuts will break chips into smaller strings and prevent chip build-up and jamming.

  • Works on any single external or internal selected thread operation in GibbsCAM.
  • All new wave operations are generated automatiically, with data taken from the selected thread operation.
  • Seperate mode for creating wave geometry only, with alot of adjustability and for manual thread operation setup.
  • Adjust wave lenght, height, pitch, resolution, positions, start angle and if wave geometry needs to be tapered (NPT, API threads).
  • Autodetects and works in metric and imperial setups.

  • Notes :
  • WaveThread only works for thread operations that uses parameters, and will not work on thread operations that uses a shape.
  • All wave thread operations are posted with your existing GibbsCAM post processor, and will consist of sequential G32/G33 lines to follow the oscillating movements.
  • WaveThread procedure will not produce a complete thread alone, the existing normal thread operation will complete the thread.
  • If your post processor does not output several G32/G33 lines for the wave operations, this metod for breaking the chips will not work.
  • This plugin for GibbsCAM have not been optimized to give as efficient toolpaths as OptiThreading™ does, so any tweaks and optimizing needs to be done manually.
  • Its recommended to do first runs with safe and conservative cut depths to make sure your machine and threading tool will run smoothly.
  • 07.01.2022 - WaveThread v1.00 - Initial release.

    28.02.2023 - WaveThread v1.10 - Adjusted better default values, added detection for correct thread operation setup.


    ( WaveThread for GibbsCAM • 5.9 MB ) - Requires GibbsCAM v13.0.17 or later. WaveThread installs as a normal macro plugin in GibbsCAM.