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Efficient machining of large and custom threads in GibbsCAM using standard turning tools.

Highly effective for production machining of custom thread forms, large buttress threads, rope threads, trapezoidal threads and large cable drums.

Your advantages with ThreadTracer :

  • Excels in machining large transmission threads that cannot be cut by the conventional threading process.

  • Reduced machining loads - Machine large threads on less rigid machines. For example 4/5-axis Mill-turn machines are typically not as rigid as turret machines.

  • Minimize vibrations and bad surface finish in more demanding and difficult machining conditions, such as components with thin walls or threading internally with long tool overhang.

  • Cost-effective for prototyping or low quantity runs with custom threads compared to ordering tooling with custom form inserts.

Program, simulate and verify all material removal with accurate workpiece, tools and holders with GibbsCAM Toolpath rendering.