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Get in touch with me regarding any of your inquiries.

For any questions or if anything is unclear about ThreadTracer and its use, don't hesitate to contact me.

Request a demonstration on how ThreadTracer works, I can send a full program ( G-code and .vnc ) for any thread you need to machine.

Contact email :

I reguarly post news and updates on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me : My LinkedIn profile

Visit the ThreadTracer Page on facebook for news and updates : ThreadTracer page on Facebook

Visit the official GibbsCAM forums, a great resource of everything GibbsCAM : Visit the GibbsCAM forums

CAMBRIO officials and GibbsCAM distributors who just wants to try or showcase ThreadTracer and its possibilities in GibbsCAM,
please write an email to to get permanent access to the full version.

About me

I'm a CNC machinist by trade and have been using GibbsCAM now for over 18 years. I've been both employee for shops and also co-started a machine shop in 2007.

Earlier work experience includes 10 years as carpenter, 3 years designing and building custom robots for handling PCB boards for high-end audio products (Electrocompaniet)
Ran own company making vinyl decals and signs for business for 6 years and also started company who designed and produced wooden outdoor hot tubs in siberian larch as a side job.

Experience in machines includes 3-4-5 axis lathe and millturn machines from brands like Mori Seiki, Okuma, Hitachi Seiki, Doosan and Mazak.
Work primary related to the Oil and Gas industry, and have long experience with complex parts in high alloy materials to odd specialty plastics.

High interest in computer programming and have been using and programming on exotic computers since I was 6 years old, starting with VIC-20 and Commodore 64.
Programming languages include Basic, 6502 Assembler, Amiga-E, AREXX, Lua, Perl, Python, and various Linux scripting languages.

Programming ranges from a custom WWW server written in AREXX, a CMS system and database, TCP/IP network installer and performance tuner, reverse engineering legacy PLS systems,
building and controlling custom robots (PLS/Omron) and dynamic G-code generation system for wood products (CNC Mill).
Experience in GibbsCAM ComPost post-processor language and have modified and enhanced all the posts for machines I've operated since 2007.

ThreadTracer Development History

ThreadTracer was initially started after several encounters with large or custom threads on jobs and unable to program and machine them with GibbsCAM.

Seperate solutions and software for this was not ideal and often difficult to use and verify, and disadvantageous to do in a non CAD/CAM system.
Being able to properly verify and simulate the G-code and the entire threading process in a well-known environment is key when dealing with large, expensive components.

ThreadTracer are developed in GibbsCAM's internal macro language and development was started in 2014 and was completed in late 2019.
Since then there have been several updates and I continue to update and add features as GibbsCAM evolve into the future.

Today ThreadTracer are used by customers all over the world to program and machine custom threads in GibbsCAM.

Current source code : Over 24000 lines of code in 212 seperate files.

Below are some screenshots of various states of ThreadTracer development between 2014 and 2019.


Registered company for GibbsCAM ThreadTracer plugin :

Gullbekkvegen 2
ORG NO: 923 815 589

Hagen Industries are registered GibbsCAM Third Party Developer