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ThreadTracer v4.21 Released (21.10.2021) :

  • Added correct interface scaling for 4K displays and resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue with internal buttress diameters not updating after user input.
  • Fixed an issue with importing older ThreadTracer v3.2 data.
  • Expanded online documentation with more descriptions and graphics.

  • Macro for tailstock and steadyrest- Fanuc (19.03.2021) :

    Uploaded a macro I've made for Fanuc controls, macros for moving tailstock and steadyrest with M code from GibbsCAM

    Read more here.

    ThreadTracer v4.15 Released (18.02.2021) :

  • Fixed saving data with updated values from inputs.
  • Corrected to set default main ZX CS to main spindle.
  • Fixed correct rpm output of Blunt Start threads (for 50% spindle).
  • Fixed issue with not all variables being set if crest radius was very small.

  • ThreadTracer v4.10 Released (06.02.2021) :

  • Added Dutch locale
  • Added Spanish locale
  • Fixed issue with geometry for stock boundary

  • Note : Translations are mostly made with translation software and are far from perfect, if you can help improve translations for your language, please contact me.

    ThreadTracer v4.00 Released (31.01.2021) :

  • New tabbed interface.
  • Rewritten most of toolpath calculations.
  • Localization support, with English, German, Norwegian and Swedish language built in. More languages will be available later.
  • Interface now autoadjusts with 100%, 125% and 150% display scaling in Windows 10/Display Settings
  • Improved workflow. The new interface organizes the various options and settings into tabs for better overview.
  • Improved ISO g-code output. NC Tracer now supports multistart threads with Q parameter for startangle.
  • Improved Bluntstart/Quickstart threads. ThreadTracer can now machine away the incomplete thread in the beginning and the end of the thread.
  • Improved material control. You can now set limits on diameters to where to start threading.
  • Operation Manager. Better control of where the threading operations will be created in the operation list.
  • Supports chamfers and fillets on all corners on the thread profile. These can also be set induvidually, to have chamfers on the crest and fillets in the root of the thread.
  • Improved tooling support. You can now select where the presetter was used on the insert.
  • New Tool Monitor option. Tool Monitor will warn if any of the features on the insert gouges the thread profile.
  • Imrpoved roughing strategies. There are now 6 roughing styles to cycle the roughing cuts with.
  • Improved adaptive roughing and better way to control the adaptiveness, gives much better results for large round threads, rope threads, etc.
  • New custom finishing order option. Select what features to run finishing on.
  • Improved calculation of running time for all threading passes, you can set the rapid feed of your machine and the rapid moves between passes will be added to total running time.

  • ThreadTracer v4.0 Guide / Documentation
    ThreadTracer v4.0 NC Tracer Documentation


    ThreadTracer 4.0 Upcoming Improvements (14.12.2020) :

    Planned for next update :
  • Chamfers - Select chamfer size and angle on all individual corners on thread profile. (customer requested)
  • CNMG profile for large ratchet threads (customer requested)
  • Blunt start/Quickstart threads adjustable to remove full thread height (customer requested)

  • Future updates 2021 :
  • Improved roughing toolpaths, more strategies.
  • Locale Support - Looking into adding multiple languages into the interface
  • ThreadTracer v3.41 Released (23.08.2020) :

  • Improved default variables. Tool verification didnt populate all possible tool variables with the new tool definitions.
  • Small fix in tool gouge detection, if threadheight was equal to root rad + crest rad, polygon math would not add up ( FreeForm threads ).
  • Blunt Start - Added option to select percentage of thread height to remove [95,90,80,70,60,50%]
  • Fixed rounding issue for tool width/radius in NC Tracer and inch output.
  • Added pointcloud export as a seperate 'machine' in the internal post-processor, pointclouds are used by MillTracer.
  • Added option/button to Refactor radiuses on Knuckle Threads (DIN405) to match user-set major/minor diameters.
  • Added Run In and Run Out, Taper and Full profile exit.

  • Read about the new V3.41 updates here : ThreadTracer v3.41 Updates.pdf

    ThreadTracer Mill [02.08.2020]

    MillTracer for generating milling operations from ThreadTracer, are available for download. Read more here.

    Adaptive Roughing [10.07.2020]

    Added a detailed description on how Adaptive Roughing works for Rope and Knuckle threads : Adaptive Roughing in ThreadTracer

    Website Overhaul [03.07.2020]

    Fixed viewport for mobile devices, this site should be better on phones and tablets now.

    MillBlunt v1.22 [01.07.2020]

    Millblunt with support for YZ and XY plane with Polar & Cylindrical Milling and Position available for download.

    Read about and download MillBlunt here

    ThreadTracer v3.40 Released (Summer Solstice 2020)

  • New Tool definitions, diamond tool and button tool support.
  • More User Settings/Temp folder improvements and better support for Dropbox synchronisation.
  • User Interface tweaks/fixes and updated graphics.
  • Small overall optimizations.
  • Improved toolpath calculations for negative flank/wall angles.
  • Added preliminary support for threading with MTM machines (Multiple Flows).

  • New license format - GibbsCAM 13.0.17 introduced a better licensing string, old keyfiles needs to be replaced with a newer format.
  • For V3.40 and beyond, minimum version requirement are GibbsCAM 13.0.17

  • Read about the new V3.40 updates here : ThreadTracer v3.40 Updates.pdf

    ThreadTracer v3.40

    With the good news of GibbsCAM 13.0.25, preparations for the new update have started (v3.40)
    Should be ready within first week of April.

    With GibbsCAM webupdate 13.0.25, ThreadTracer are fully working again.

    Its encouraged to update to latest webupdate, GibbsCAM 13.0.25
    This version includes fixes to how macros are run internally, and ThreadTracer are fully working again, even better than ever before.

    ThreadTracer v3.35 Upcoming improvements.

    Adding more tool definitions. ISO style diamond tools can be defined in multiple angles. Tool will be visual as geometry while setting up the thread, and created as the tool for simulation.

    ThreadTracer v3.3 Updates and improvements

    - Tip Gouge Detection, ensures that tooltip stays within thread profile.
    - User Settings.
    - User Interface improvements.
    - Built in User Interface scaling (1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x and 2x) for those with ultra wide monitors.
    - Tool Angle setting, for machines with a B-axis.
    - Improved storing of data. In v3.3 the data are updated or saved instantly, and no longer need a restart of the plugin.
    - Parameters Codes.

    Read about the V3.3 updates here : ThreadTracer 3.3 Updates.pdf

    ThreadTracer v3.2 Updates and improvements

    - Added support for Full Freeform Threads