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Blunt Start / Quickstart threads / Higbee Cut with ThreadTracer.

Cutting a Blunt start thread with modern CNC machines are traditionally done with a seperate parting or grooving tool thats slightly wider than the thread profile,
and often requires an additional manual edit of CNC code or process by the cnc operator.

ThreadTracer offers the option to apply this process automatically in GibbsCAM without the need of a seperate tool.
Using the same tool for the thread itself and for Blunt Start saves significant programming and setup time.

In the oil & gas industry, its becomming more and more required with CNC machined Blunt Starts or Quickstart threads on most components with threads.
Getting these details with an exceptional finish instead of grinded by hand with a rotary tool, will lift the appearance and quality of your parts.


Blunt thread or Higbee Cut are the process of removal of the first thread of a female or male coupling to prevent crossing or mutilation of threads.
Its first appearance was for the Fire-Hose Coupling Screw Thread and was patented by C. A. Higbee on Jan. 11, 1898.


In this part with an internal Acme thread, the machined thread are near identical to the simulated thread in GibbsCAM.
For internal threads in small and hard to reach distances by hand, getting accustomed to this process of applying blunt threads have proven to be advantageous
as it eliminates trial and errors on difficult to see places.


ThreadTracer can calculate toolpaths for machining Blunt Starts to any thread. Alot of customization and adjustability available.